Friday, September 09, 2011

Tales from the Grad Advising Crypt

Did I mention that I am having a crazy-busy few months at the end of summer/beginning of the academic year? Yes, I think I did, and for that reason, I am going to be a lazy blogger today and post a recent essay of mine published in The Chronicle of Higher Education.

The original essay, with comments on the CHE site, is here. I don't think you need a subscription to see it, but if there are any issues with that, let me know and I will post the text of the essay here.

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Walt Lessun said...

I was both a train wreck and a success as a graduate student: successful in Library Science and Business Administration, not so much in British History or Liberal Studies. Regardless of program, the only thing I ever asked of my advisers was to sign my registration form for the next quarter, semester or trimester. All would do so without so much as a grunt.