Friday, April 20, 2007

Clueless Comment of the Week

Reported by a female colleague at another university, from a conversation she had with one of her male colleagues about a male student who constantly made derogatory comments and rude jokes about women:

Male colleague, referring to the student: "He's not a misogynist, he talks about women all the time!"


lost clown said...

*head desk*

Laura said...

Wow that is an interesting comment...
I think you can see my poor English. Sorry, I tried to say that my English is very bad so I cant do a better comment than this but I could understand your texts and they are great!
If you speak Spanish visit my blog (in construction jaja)!
Hasta luego!

Sportsfamily said...


Travis Kincaid said...

Female Science Professor-
Ok,I should have thought.
I write short stories based on fiction-
about science,star clusters,
ancient and current civilizations.
Your information helps me keep the balance between
fiction and non fiction.Thank you
Travis Kincaid