Sunday, December 10, 2006

Multi-tasking & the Weight of Guilt

So much to do, so much to do before the week starts. My daughter had a piano recital today, and I brought some grading to do during the recital. Her part of the recital was about 2.5 minutes, but then there was the rest of the hour. I sat in an inconspicuous place, I looked up during all the introductions and bows, and I clapped for each kid (I was listening to the music as I graded..). Even so, I felt a microgram of guilt at not giving the event my full attention. But no more than that. It was necessary, my daughter didn't mind, and my students will be happy to get their graded assignment back before their final exam.


Anonymous said...

Well, I missed my daughter's choral recital because we went to see U2 instead. I think you were better than me on this occasion :-)

Anonymous said...

Thta's life in the modern world. I read an undergraduate research paper and reviewed a jounral article at my older daughters middle-school band concert, but was able to confine it to the long interval before the concert started and the long time periods when they were switching bands. However, having done that, I left all of the papers on the kitchen table this morning when running out the door to bring the same daughter to her 7:30 am jazz band practice before school.