Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Letter of Reference Contest Results

Below is the unanimous choice of the FSP Editorial Board for our favorite of the Letter of Reference Contest submissions. The letter, written by Wendy Panero, has some of the classic elements of the LoR genre: a strong recommendation that is not backed up by anything in particular in the text of the letter, which was written based on little information.

To Whom It Might Possibly Concern:

I hope you accept the letter even through it comes two weeks after your deadline.

I would like to give Susie Student my highest possible recommendation for Your Program. She told me yesterday she was planning to apply, and since she begged me and said she gave me a really good teaching review, I agreed to write the letter.

Susie took my class, Introductory Rock Appreciation, this quarter. She earned a C, but I gave her a B- when she told me that the only reason she did so badly on the final was that her grandma died. Susie is among the top half of the students I have encountered here in my two quarters teaching at Massive State University, so I really would have enjoyed seeing Susie’s full potential in this class. She was working as a dog sitter for much of the quarter, however, so that took her attention from rock appreciation. While clearly disappointed that the course addressed actual rocks rather than the music she expected when she enrolled in the class, she did attend class most days.

I know Susie Student is an excellent match for Your Program.


Super Junior Faculty Member
Department of Inferiority Studies
Massive State University
Middle of the Country, USA

more tomorrow.. and the next day..


female physicist said...

what is wrong with being a dog sitter? I have paid good money for dog sitters before... (but make sure they are bonded and insured and are certified in pet first aid, don't just use the neighbor kid or your dog may end up lost or dead)

Unbalanced Reaction said...

"...said she gave me a really good teaching review..."

Awesome. Excellent selection, FSP! Sadly, we received a similar letter for a *candidate* this year!!

Meadow said...

Good one FSP. I'm writing letters as we speak.

The Littlest Professor said...

Can't wait to read more.

Kevin said...

How about this lovely statement:

"Coming to the sports, he had contributed a lot to the institution by bringing many laurels in the games which he had participated since last three years. He is among 2% of all the best out going sportsmen of this academic year."

(This was one of the *better* letters for this applicant.)

Eugenie said...

Oh crap. I really hope my letter writers didn't pull this stunt...

FSP, you're scaring me....