Thursday, October 21, 2010

Both Here and There

Although I continue to be quite content here on Blogspot as FSP, every once in a while (once a week? I haven't decided), I will also be in Scientopia as a "Science Professor" (sans F); e.g., today. I hope this doesn't get too complicated, but when I am being Scientopic, I will provide a link here.

My plan is to use the Scientopia forum to answer questions, give opinions, and ponder issues that readers present to me in comments and by e-mail. I will use the FSP blog for my usual musings, anecdotes, rants, cat photos, debates, and conversations.

The lack of the "Female" adjective in my Scientopia persona has no bearing on whether topics discussed there vs. here will involve women-in-science issues, but, as I explained in my first Scientopia post, if Scientopia is supposed to evoke utopia, then I get to be just a Science Professor who happens to be female. I am actually quite comfortable being FSP, but only if I get to define myself that way rather than having this designation be somehow relevant to my qualifications as a scientist.


Anonymous said...

For all of the cat picture talk, you rarely post them.

FrauTech said...

I know, quit teasin' us FSP, we are long overdue for some cat photos.

Tim said...

why are u splitting yourself up?

Anonymous said...


CaT said...

here i am!

Beth said...

Yay. I love your blog.

- Third year grad student, and future leading/or trailing spouse