Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Intersecting Spheres

Today in Scientopia, I discuss a question from readers who wonder what to do in situations in which advisor and student frequently encounter each other in their non-academic lives. These off-campus interactions can complicate advisor-advisee dynamics back on campus.

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Ich habe gesagt:

I'm American, mind you, but it has always seemed to me that Americans freak out too much on this kind of thing. When you meet someone you know in academia outside life in academia, you find out they have a life and so do you ... that's really all. You can worry that so and so and so and so share trade secrets because they are also sailing buddies or whatever, but you can also worry that the sky might fall. Smarter just to realize, people have lives and so do you, and officially we are a democracy so it is OK for you to recognize that this is the case.