Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Goes Without Saying

The other day, less than hour after I had provided a recommendation for an undergraduate, saying in the recommendation (essentially) that the student was mature and thoughtful, showed good judgment, and was smart, I stood on a busy street corner near campus and watched this particular student ride through the intersection on their bicycle: no helmet, no hands, ear buds in ears, ignoring traffic signals, trusting that the cars, buses, and trucks would somehow not be in the way.

Ah well, this student is young and immortal, that goes without saying. And the things I did say in the letter are still (mostly) true, when considered in the relevant context.


Roeslein said...

Where I live, people carrying their kid and their groceries on their bike, no hands, while having a phone conversation are the most normal thing in the world. Also, only the cops and children under 6 wear a helmet.

Must be a cultural thing. (Of course, we also have bike lanes everywhere.)

Whoosh... said...

Lets hope their immortality superpower lasts at least long enough to enjoy the benefits of your recommendation!

Psycgirl said...

A week after I wrote my graduate student's annual evaluation, about how reliable and conscientious she was, always completing things on time, etc etc etc., she disappeared for 2 weeks, leaving her participants hanging. Awesome.