Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The Second-Most Disturbing Thing I Have Seen in an Application (Recently)

Dear applicant:

I just read the supplementary statement that you attached to your application. I am sorry that there are some aspects of your application that fell short of your (and possibly our) expectations. I am completely sympathetic to your concern that your hard work over many years may not lead to certain opportunities because of these possible shortcomings.

Nevertheless, I think you should know that many reviewers of your application do not want to hear a detailed account of your episode of acute gastrointestinal distress at a critical moment in your academic life. It's not just that we are squeamish and cranky (although some of us are indeed both of those), but we have a dislike of excuses such as this one, even if it seems (unfortunately) quite authentic in its detail. I wish I could unread your statement.


Belle said...

Just thinking of the possibilities makes me squeamish.

Phindustry said...

The best thing about seeing these disturbing things is that it makes me realize that my application package isn't as bad as I think it is

EliRabett said...

Gastrointestinal distress to the max (read the reviews if you dare)

Anonymous said...

Eli, that is amazing. Thank you.