Saturday, January 24, 2015

Contest Entry : Rejection Letters, 6

Sad but apparently true, though I hope it wasn't recently true and I hope the administrators concerned all ended up spending their days dealing with major, expensive all-encompassing software upgrades that were supposed to link many vital academic/administrative systems but instead caused mass chaos that never ended.

Submitted by a reader:

Dear Jane:

Thank you very much for interviewing for the open position, Director of Herding Cats.  We were impressed with your qualifications and we all enjoyed your visit several months ago.  I do apologize for the long delay in getting back to you, but I believe Professor Tuna, head of the search committee, informed you that we made an offer to another candidate.  We appreciate your continued interest in the position.

At this stage, after negotiating a counter offer with her home institution, the candidate has decided to leave the field and accept a highly lucrative position in industry.  The search committee has recommended that, as the second-ranked candidate on the short list, you be offered the position next. 
Unfortunately, the Department Head decided to reopen the interview process by inviting someone ranked below the short list, an acquaintance of his.  That candidate has been offered and has accepted the position.

Thank you again for your interest.


Wira Mess
HR Representative


Anonymous said...

From the department of TMI

Anonymous said...

Not surprising at all if true. Something very similar happened where I work. But the illegal activities of the Chair were reported to the Provost, who, closed the search out of fear of lawsuits. The best candidate (and only woman) thus did not get the job. Perhaps she is better off not working here, but all the same, that should be her choice.

Unknown said...

I sort of admire the passive-aggressive honesty of this one. At least you know where their priorities are.