Friday, September 29, 2006

It Starts Early

A few months ago, my elementary-school aged daughter asked: "What's it called when someone says that girls can't do something, like math or a job or a sport, just because they're girls?". I explained about sexism and stereotypes, and gave examples. Since then, she has been very alert to pick out examples at school, in movies or books, and in our extended family. She recently surprised my mother by saying "That's a sexist stereotype!". She was absolutely right. Now the family thinks that I have indoctrinated her, although she really figured it out herself and I just put a name to what she was seeing at school and in the world at large.


Anonymous said...

I just think it is great when my girls mention that they were in a football (aka soccer) or rugby (no US translation) team or game at their (all girls' ) school. When I was at school girls did not and could not play cricket, soccer et al. Things have changed a lot and it is by no means perfect, as your blog shows as well as if one just looks around at the world -- but when my girls play an organised "male" sport (as defined circa my childhood), I smile inside.

Anonymous said...

Great! It's just about awareness (the first step I suppose).

Duckrabbit said...

This made my day.d