Thursday, September 14, 2006

My Far Flung Correspondent

From an email from my conference-attending husband, in Europe: "You would hate this conference. Lots of senior men dominating the meeting. A few senior women, mostly keeping quiet."


hypatia said...

FYI, you and other people's blogs load funny when I visit. Instead of loading the most recent post they are stuck on some old post. If I load the archives the new posts come up. Anyway it's odd. Not sure who all has this problem because I don't always click through (things work fine on bloglines).

Ms.PhD said...

your husband sounds like a great guy.

it also sounds like it's good you didn't go to the conference!

too bad for the younger women there, though, assuming there are any.

Anonymous said...

hypatia, perhaps you have bookmarked a specific entry instead of the main site of the blog? Try bookmarking: