Tuesday, February 07, 2012

What About Us?

In Scientopia today, there is a discussion of issues facing mid-career and older faculty; specifically, issues related to negotiating a retention package at one's current institution, upon receiving an offer from another institution.


Anonymous said...

At my institution (an Ivy), the administration won't even start negotiating until they have an actual offer letter (with complete details, etc.) in hand. It's been an enormous problem. For one, it indicates that the administration does not trust faculty. In addition, it's more difficult to retain faculty given that the offer letters often have an associated deadline for responses. Particularly for dual academic couples, it creates real challenges.

Anonymous said...

For mathematicians, Steven Krantz's book "The Survival of a Mathematician: From Tenure to Emeritus," is a great resource for mid-career advice (especially from the point of view as a former department chair).